After a long evening of salt, smoke and cheap canned beer; Mike took a drag of a poorly lit cigarette. The chilled eastern Montana air sent a shiver through him as he thought 'Time for another log'. The brisket had been on for ten hours, the ribs for two, he built the itinerary for the rest of the morning in his mind. Mike opened the fire box, placed another log of white oak on the embers and enjoyed the radiant heat for a moment. Just then, on the rolling hills of the Montana prairie, a concept began to form. "Let's bring the smoke to the PEOPLE!!". After nearly 20 years in the rough and tumble world of restaurant management, he was hungry, mostly for BBQ, but also to satiate the entrepreneurial spirit that burned like the wood in his off-set smoker. In that moment, Gallatin Grillers was born.

Our Mission:

To provide humanely sourced food of the highest quality with a mindset of client service at reasonable prices. Gallatin Grillers takes an honest, up front approach to large events to ease stress and increase the enjoyment of our clients.

Our Vision:

Blaze a progressive path of sustainability across the landscape of catering and at-home delivery while working diligently with our local partners to revitalize the passion of the public for exceptional American food, empowering our front line employees and providing home style cooking in unique and unexpected formats.


Wedding planning can be an onerous process, but fear not! Gallatin Grillers takes a comprehensive approach to serving your guests. The folks at Gallatin Grillers have decades of experience in the catering industry, our business manger began his career serving crowds in the mid 1990's. Moving forward, if you have any questions in regard to the logistics of your event, please feel to ask. We have had clients in the past call us in a mild panic with issues like "Oh no we don't have enough coolers to hold the drinks", etcetera, etcetera. Our goal is to serve you and your guests fantastic food at great prices. We will make your experience an enjoyable one, as free from the stressful aspects of large event planning as possible. This is one of the central tenets of our business, as we believe great service is a concerted effort and partnership between Gallatin Grillers and our clients to meet every expectation! Have a look at our Sample Menu lists and send an email to our executive chef to get started!!


Our corporate partners enjoy ease of ordering with a focus on new and rotating menus. Gallatin Grillers is available for all of your food service needs! Think of us for

  • Training events
  • Customer/Employee appreciation events
  • Holiday parties
  • Work anniversary parties
  • Retirement parties
  • Fundraising efforts
  • BBQ Tuesdays or other company specific events
No event is too big or too small!!

Vaction rentals

Don't you just love the view of the Bridgers from the deck that LOVELY Airbnb? Totally exhausted from several days of tearing up Bridger Bowl with your questionable snowboarding skills? We hear you, sometimes the amazing recreational activities here in Gallatin Valley can be overwhelming and a night in with a proper whiskey sour is in order! Let Gallatin Grillers cook a scratch made meal for you to enjoy without dealing with the traffic, parking, long wait times and other foibles of the dining scene! Take a night in for yourself, you deserve it and Gallatin Grillers can help!

Private chef

Some evenings are best enjoyed in a more intimate setting. Gallatin Grillers' executive chef Mike Welsh is available to rent for the day! With a background in beer and wine pairings, small plates and a gift for gab, Chef Mike will make sure you have a culinary experience to remember!